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About US

After several years of hosting Brase Lide Radio shows, I had decided to organize the shows into a website to allow the audience to continue to enjoy their favorite shows. Brase Lide show began on Saturday,July 7, 2012 at Radio Comedy FM in Brooklyn, NY with the goal of providing a platform to the professionals and community leaders who are willing to share their skills to help strengthen the community.

Brase Lide holds weekly radio shows and other community activities aim to keep the community engaged on issues related to politics, culture and access to social services. At Brase Lide, we believe in sharing and networking. Brase Lide means brainstorming in Haitian Creole. Therefore, while the presenters come with they expertise, there is always an opportunity for Q and A to include the audience. .

Today, we are proud to say that Brase Lide is more than just a radio show!